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  • Increase the comfort of your home
  • Save money on your energy bills
  • Earn community rewards for your town

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Whether you’re ready to install a solar system or learn more about ways to reduce your home’s energy waste, it’s easy to join your Neighbors in the Challenge!
Helping Connecticut become energy efficient!


“We’ve drastically reduced our fuel usage”

Michael Smith in Ridgefield

“Not only do the homeowners win, but residents in need do too.”

Dawn Egan in Weston

“The energy assessment is a no brainer.”

Sue Berescik in East Hampton
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What is the Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge?

The Connecticut Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge was a nonprofit community savings program that engaged residents in 14 Connecticut towns to reduce their home’s energy use by 20%. As residents joined and took actions to help their household, they earned points that were redeemed for community rewards.

The 14 Participating Towns

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